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Lord Vishnu | Madan Dwadashi Vrat 2023 | lord vishnu fast | Madan Dwadashi fast | Sunday | Sunday fast

Madan Dwadashi fast will be observed on Sunday, do this special remedy on this day, and the shortage of money will go away

Madan Dwadashi Vrat 2023: Today the fast of Madan Dwadashi is being observed. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day. By observing Dwadashi fast, there is always happiness and prosperity in the house.

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Madan Dwadashi Vrat 2023: Today is the Dwadashi date of Chaitra Shukla Paksha and Sunday. Dwadashi Tithi today will remain till 6.24 am tomorrow after crossing the whole day and night. Madan Dwadashi fast is observed on the Dwadashi date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Today, after taking bath etc., worship of Lord Vishnu should be done by keeping the idol of Lord Vishnu at the place of worship. Flowers, fruits, incense, lamp, smell etc. should be offered to God while worshipping. Then after fasting for the whole day, Jagran Kirtan should be performed at night. The next day Brahmins should be fed and donated according to their capacity. After this, the fast should be celebrated. By fasting on Madan Dwadashi, there is an increase in happiness and prosperity in a person’s life and he always stays with himself.

Do this special remedy on Sunday
1. If you have been waiting for a high position in the office for a long time, but due to one or the other obstacle, your work is not being done, then on this day you should install a Surya Yantra in your home and follow its method. Should be worshipped. After worshipping, keep that yantra carefully and keep it in the temple.

2. If you are troubled by financial constraints, then take some yellow mustard seeds on this day and keep them in front of Lord Vishnu. Now chant the Narayan Mantra of God. The mantra is as follows- ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Narayanaya’. In this way, after chanting the mantra 5 times, pick up those mustard seeds from there and remove them from above your head seven times. After removing it, burn those mustard seeds in the south corner of the house with the help of camphor.

3. If the happiness has disappeared somewhere from your married life, then to bring back that happiness in life, take two camphor cakes and a little roll and keep them near your head while sleeping at night. The next day, after waking up in the morning, burn the cake of camphor outside the house and put the roll in a water-filled glass or pot and offer it to the Sun God.

4. If you want to get the benefit of wealth, then on this day, take a one-eyed coconut and keep it near Lord Ganesha. Now first worship Lord Ganesha with incense lamps, flowers etc., then worship Ekakshi coconut in the same way. In this way, after worship, wrap that Ekakshi coconut in a clean red cloth and keep it in your temple.

5. On this day you should receive a handful of rice as a blessing from your mother and tie it in a bundle and keep it with you. By doing this on this day, your nervousness or tension regarding work will go away. Along with this, you will get to see a different confidence inside you.

6. If you want to increase the confidence level in your children, then on this day you should get your children to donate jaggery in the temple and chant this mantra 108 times. The mantra is as follows- Om Ghrini: Suryaya Namah. It is even better if your children are also with you while chanting the mantra.

7. If you want to start any work related to the education field or want to take admission in any course, then on this day you should go near the banyan tree and worship its trunk with roli-rice. Along with this, a ghee lamp should be lit there and parikrama should be done around it.

8. If you are not getting the proper result of your hard work and your progress has stopped somewhere, then for this, go to the banyan tree in Magha Nakshatra, tie a knot in its hair and tie a red thread on it. When you start getting progress slowly, then untie the knot of Jata tied with that red thread.

9. If you want to increase the positive energy around you, then today you should offer water to Sun God and chant this mantra of Sun God while offering water. The mantra is as follows-

Om Hree Ghrini: Surya Adityaya Shree.

10. If you want to fulfil any of your wishes or want to increase your income, then in the evening you should take 11 radishes and keep them on the head of the lady of the house. If women also want to do this remedy, then keep it on your pillow and donate it to the temple the next day.




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