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Z-Morh, a 6.5 km long tunnel being built in Kashmir, will be open throughout the year Sonamarg, Leh journey is also easy

Sonamarg has the highest snowfall during the winter season and the temperature here goes down to -20 degrees

Image Source: Shakti Knowledge
The Z-Morh Tunnel is expected to open by December 2023

Srinagar: There is great news for those who wish to visit the beautiful litigants of Kashmir। A 6.5 km long tunnel has been ready in Sonamarg, one of the beautiful tourist destinations of these beautiful litigants। After the formation of this tunnel named Z-Morh, the journey of Sonamarg as well as Leh-Ladakh will become easier। At the same time, like all other beautiful tourist destinations in Kashmir, Sonamarg will also be open throughout the year। Apart from this, due to the ease of Kargil and Ladakh, this tunnel will also benefit the army.

Somerg will be open to tourists throughout the year

Z-Morh Tunnel It is built amidst high hills in Sonamarg, Kashmir and runs from Gagnir to Sonamarg। The construction of this tunnel is almost complete and after its formation, Sonamarg like Pahalgam and Gulmarg will also be open to tourists year after year। In the winter season, Sonamarg has the highest snowfall and the temperature here goes down to -20 degrees। In winter, it was cut from other states of the country for about 4 months, but after the tunnel was formed, it would be able to move here throughout the year.

Army will also benefit greatly from tunnel

The Z-Morh Tunnel has 2 lanes with an emergency or escape tunnel। This tunnel is now 98 percent ready। CCTV camera, Wi-Fi connectivity and cross gallery jace are many features in this tunnel। There will also be no risk of avalanche after the Z-Morh Tunnel is formed। The army will also benefit greatly from this tunnel and it will be very easy to reach rations and weapons etc. to the border। Speaking to Shakti Knowledge, Rajnish Kumar Pandey of NHIDCL said that 98 per cent of the civil work of this tunnel has been completed.

Tunnel can be completed by December 2023

GM Pandey of NHIDCL hoped that by December 2023 the tunnel could be opened to the general public। GM said this is a very important tunnel and because of this the connectivity between Srinagar to Leh would be broken, now it will not be so and the journey of Ladakh will also be easy Will go। The common people are eagerly waiting for this tunnel to open। People here say that with the tunnel open for 12 months, tourism will increase and people will also get employment.

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