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“China was going to mix soil”, US plans to hack infrastructure including rail network.

America has exposed the Chinese conspiracy। According to the US claim, Chinese hackers were and still are in the forefront of cyber attack on pipeline projects and critical infrastructure, including its rail network.

The trickster China was in a “conspiracy to mix America into the soil” and is still mobilized। The network of Chinese hackers is working on a plan to hack all important infrastructure and pipeline projects, including the US railway systems। This information has also stirred up the US Intelligence and Security Department। The US Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a warning to all its concerned departments and officials from this conspiracy of Chinese hackers across the country। Which states that China can hack infrastructure including US pipelines, rail systems। Researchers found in investigation that China had planned a cyber attack on all important infrastructure in the US and was also capable of it। Not only this, China’s hacking group is also spying on all such American networks.

US military to government department also targets China

Investigations have revealed that other government departments ranging from the US military were and still are on target of Chinese hackers। Apart from America, China is in a panic to attack many other western countries। This Babat America has issued a multi-nation warning। It states that cyber-espionage operations are being carried out by the Chinese with the aim of targeting military and government targets in the United States। However, the Chinese government has rejected this claim of the US। She says this warning issued by the United States and its allies is a “collective propaganda campaign। We are not targeting America or any western country.

US alert to deal with danger

After recognizing China’s move, US officials said they were still in the process of dealing with the threat। According to the Royter News Agency, Cyber Security Director Rob Joyce of the US National Security Agency ( NSA ) reported, “We had at least one location, of which we were not aware.. Because the Hunt Guide was released that came to light with data and information। At the moment the US agency has disclosed technical details to its critical service providers to locate Chinese spies। The US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency ( CISA ) has stated in separate statements that it is “the effect of potential intrusion and related effects” of China” Working to understand.

US security agencies involved in thwarting China’s conspiracy
After the Chinese hackers exposed the mansa, now the American Surthastha has thwarted every plot of the Agencia Dragon। CISA Executive Assistant Director, Eric Goldstein, pointed out that this warning would help them provide assistance where they need and understand enemy tactics more effectively। According to researchers and officials, defending against this covert espionage work is a bigger challenge than China’s routine espionage actions। Goldstein said, “In these cases opponents are often using legitimate credit and legitimate network administration tools to gain access to the target network to meet their objectives, Many traditional methods of identification, such as antivirus, will not be able to find these intrusions.

Microsoft identified

This secret espionage and conspiracy of China was detected by Microsoft analysts, whom they called the Volt typhoon। Said that this conspiracy of China “may disrupt critical communication infrastructure between the United States and the Asia region during future crises। It is also a gesture when tensions between Taiwan and the US-China escalate on other issues। State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in a press briefing, “The US intelligence community assesses that China is almost certainly capable of launching cyber attacks that are important basic within the United States, including oil and gas pipelines and rail systems The framework can disrupt services।””It is important for the government and network defenders in public to be vigilant in public।”Explain that after the major colonial pipeline was hacked in 2021, US agencies were emphasizing better cyber security practices in their majority-privately held critical infrastructure industry Are, disrupting nearly half of the US East Coast’s fuel supply.

Alert from America to Britain

Not just the US, but the intelligence agencies of Britain and their close allies on Wednesday called for a “volt typhoon” about the Chinese cyber attack” Issued an alert to warn about। Microsoft said the group had targeted critical infrastructure organizations in the US Pacific region of Guam and that it would allow security firm Fortinet Fortyguard devices to break into Target’s network Was using। Researcher Mark Bernard, whose organization SecureWorks has dealt with a number of intrusions involving the Volt typhoon, said SecureWorks had seen no evidence of destructive activity by the Volt typhoon, But its hackers were focused on stealing information that would “highlight US military activities।

” The NSA’s Joyce said there is no doubt that Volt Typhoon was in a position to carry out disruptive attacks। Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning told reporters that the alerts issued by the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were intended to promote their intelligence alliance, Known as Five Eyes and it was Washington who was guilty of hacking। Mao said, “The United States is an empire of hacking.



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