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Kejriwal will succeed in campaigning against ordinance? Today will ask Congress for support, understand the whole math.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is constantly meeting with leaders of opposition parties to stop the central government ordinance in Rajya Sabha.

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is campaigning against the central government ordinance, is seeking support from the Congress today। He along with the leaders of his party are scheduled to try to meet the Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi today। However, the Congress leaders of Delhi and Punjab are not in favor that Congress should appear in any campaign with Kejriwal, But the common man party’s supremo hopes Congress can support him। Indeed, Sharad Pawar’s statement in favor of AAP has given new bullies to Kejriwal’s spirits.


Kejriwal is excited to meet with Pawar

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was very successful when he got along with Sharad Pawar against the ordinance of the Center regarding transfer posting in Delhi। On Thursday, Kejriwal met Sharad Pawar with the leaders of his party, And the NCP Chief called for supporting Kejriwal by citing the unity of the opposition and saving the country’s democracy। Pawar said that the issue is not just about Delhi, but to save democracy in the country, so all parties should forget the old things and come with Kejriwal.

Udhav also supported Kejriwal

Pawar is not the only one in Maharashtra politics who has supported Kejriwal। Udhav Thackeray, leader of Shiv Sena ( UBT), has also supported Kejriwal। The logic of the Quotation is also the unity of the opposition for 2024। Kejriwal has met and gained his support from many opposition leaders in this campaign so far। These leaders include Nietish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar and Mamta Banerjee, besides Ukhav and Pawar। However, there is still a lot of support in the Rajya Sabha for Kejriwal and the reason is Congress.

Is Congress still against Kejriwal?

Indeed, major opposition parties are making frequent statements against the campaign of Congress leader Kejriwal। Large leaders of Delhi Congress like Ajay Makan and Sandeep Dixit stand in opposition to Kejriwal on this issue। They are appealing to the Congress High Command not to give any support to Kejriwal। In such an environment today, Arvind Kejriwal is about to try to meet Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi। It is to be seen whether Congress High Command will support Kejriwal by going against its leaders, and if Rahul Gandhi gives time to meet Kejriwal, it will be a big deal.

What is the current situation in Rajya Sabha?

Apart from 93 MPs of BJP, 9 of BJD, 4 of AIADMK and 9 MPs of YSR Congress, then 115 MPs are seen in favor of the government in Rajya Sabha। Similarly, if you look at the position of the parties standing in support of the common man party, then in addition to 10 MPs of AAP, Kejriwal has 12 of TMC, 6 of RJD, 5 of JDU, The support of only 40 MPs is combined with 3 of the Quot and 4 of the NCP। Apart from these, 10 of DMK, 9 of BRS, 5 of CPM, 3 of Samajwadi Party, 2 of CPI, There are a total of 32 MPs including 2 MPs of JMM and 1 MP of RLD.

Difficult to stop ordinance without congress

Looked like this Kejriwal Overall 40 + 32 in favor of, ie 72 MPs seem to be supported। It means that without Congress, it is not possible for Kejriwal to stop this ordinance in the Rajya Sabha। As many parties as opposed to the Modi government in the case of new building of Parliament, Even if such parties vote against the ordinance, it will not be possible to stop the bill containing the ordinance.





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