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Gauhar Khan did a crying video of Vinesh Phogat tweet, saying – with wrestlers like this…

Gauhar Khan has recently shared an emotional video of Vinesh Fogat from the Wrestler Protest on his social media handle। Seeing which tears will come from anyone’s eyes…

Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan On Vinesh Phogat: The opposition of Indian wrestlers on Jantar Mantar has spread like fire। This protest has now become a national issue, not opposed to wrestlers (wrestlers protest)। The protesting wrestlers have demanded the resignation of Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, president of the Indian Wrestling Federation ( WFI )। The president of the Wrestling Federation of India ( WFI) has been accused by seven female wrestlers of sexually abusing ( Sexual harassment )। Bollywood and sports celebrities have supported the wrestlers by calling them ‘pride’ of India। Earlier Urmila Matondkar and Pooja Bhatt also spoke on this issue। Now, actress Gauhar Khan ( Gauahar Khan ) tweeted an emotional video of her crying, supporting the protest against wrestler Vinesh Fogat.

Gauhar Khan tweeted –

According to reports, there was a debate between some wrestlers and policemen on Wednesday, in which two wrestlers were hurt। Gauhar shared a video of Vinesh and his fellow wrestlers from the protest site on Twitter, demanding justice for them and ‘listening to their plight’ from the people’ Urged Gauhar, supporting wrestler Vinesh Fogat, tweeted to PTI and captioned it, “If it doesn’t hurt your heart, you’re probably not a human being। These athletes have increased the pride of India internationally, they are being beaten up, sadly !!!!! They are fighting for justice, please listen to them! #indianwrestlers #pride. ”

Vinesh Fogat said –

Wrestler Vinesh Fogat ( Vinesh Phogat) says, “The way they have bothered us, I would not like any athlete to win medals for the country।” Vinesh spoke to the media on Wednesday night and said, “The Brijbhushan, who has committed many misdeeds, He is sleeping peacefully in his house and here we have to work for sleeping on the streets। Is this the day when we came to win the medal for the country।”

Gauhar Khan Workfront –

Gauhar Khan was last seen in the web show ‘Salt City’ and the Board of Education ( Salt City and Shiksha Mandal )

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