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Prime Minister Modi will walk with an arrow, two targets will also travel to Egypt with this special purpose.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has deepened relations with Egypt during his tenure। Whereas earlier China dominated this country। Now China is troubled by India’s entry। Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al CC was also made a special guest by PM Modi on 26 January। Now he also travels to Egypt with America.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will shoot two targets with the same arrow during the proposed US visit on 22 June। During this time he will travel to the US as well as Egypt, where he will meet his friend and President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi। Let me tell you that India is demolishing the Chinese market by bringing its relations with Egypt to a new height। This has made China jealous। At the same time, Pakistan is troubled by this friendship that envelopes India and Egypt। Here America also wants to marvel its relationship by looking at the emerging image in the world of India। Therefore, President Joe Biden has called PM Modi on a special state invitation.

Diplomatic sources said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could travel to Egypt this month, six months after Sr and India pushed their relations to the level of strategic partnership Huh। This trip is likely to happen with the US। This will be his first visit to the African country after Modi became Prime Minister in 2014। Sources said that the visit is expected to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in many areas including trade, investment, agriculture and defense। No official announcement has been made about Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Egypt। India is keen to expand relations with Egypt, which play a politically important role in the Arab world and Africa.

India’s trade growing with Egypt

This country is also seen as a major gateway to the market of Africa and Europe। Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi traveled to India in January and during this the mutual relations of the two countries were elevated to the level of strategic partnership। During the negotiations between Modi and CC, it was decided to extend bilateral trade from the current close to seven billion dollars to $ 12 billion in the coming five years। CC (68) was invited as the Chief Guest at the Republic Day celebrations on 26 January। Sources said that Modi’s visit to Egypt will coincide with his visit to America। Egypt has traditionally been one of India’s most important trading partners in the African continent। According to official figures, more than 450 Indian companies are registered in Egypt, with about 50 such companies operating in various fields,Whose combined investment is more than US $ 3 billion.

India and Egypt also in defense sector

Defense and strategic relations between India and Egypt have also been intense over the years। The armies of the two countries conducted the first joint exercise in January this year। Egypt has already shown interest in purchasing Tejas light fighter aircraft, radars, military helicopters and other equipment from India। The Indian Air Force participated in a one-month strategic leadership program in Egypt in July last year with three Sukhoi-30 MKI aircraft and two C-17 transport aircraft। Defense Minister Rajnath Singh made a three-day visit to Egypt in September.



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