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Spend while booking tickets from IRCTC, money will be given on train accident, insurance of 10 lakhs.

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If you travel by train, then take travel insurance provided by the railways on ticket booking। This rail accident (Railway Accident ) or similar untoward condition can help you a lot.

The entire country has been shaken by the fierce train accident at Balasore in Odisha। About 300 people have died in this dreaded accident ( Train Accident) between three trains in O Disha on Friday night। The accident was so dangerous that the rail cans have been shattered on the trek। The railway (Indian Railway ) has announced compensation for the victims of this accident। The families of the dead will be compensated for Rs 10-10 lakh while the injured will be compensated 2-2 lakh। 50-50 thousand rupees will be given to the moderately injured.

In view of the loss of life and property due to accident or any other untoward, the Railways have also started the facility of Rail Accident Insurance since 2016। Rail Reservation Ticket Book at IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation ) Railway Reservation Booking ( Railway providing insurance of Rs 10 lakh in less than Rs 1 while doing )travel insurance ( Does। On the reservation form, you are given the option of taking or not taking this insurance for 35 paise। You get insurance cover from ICICI Lombard or other insurance companies by clicking on insurance.

Insurance is available only on book tickets from IRCTC

This insurance scheme excludes all trains ( passenger trains and sub-urban trains ) all reserved classes ( Slippers, 1 AC, 2 AC, 3 AC ) is available for travelers booked online only on IRCTC websites। Passengers booking reserved tickets through manually operated railway reservation counters and those traveling on unreserved tickets are not entitled to take advantage of this insurance scheme.

How much claim

  • Rs 10 lakh on death of passenger in accident
  • Rs 10 lakh if the passenger is fully disabled
  • Rs 7.5 lakh on partially permanent disability
  • Rs 2 lakh for hospital expenses if injured
  • 10 thousand rupees for transportation of the deceased’s body.

Nominee must update after ticket booking

When you book a train ticket, you have to select the insurance policy option before clicking on the payment option। But here you are not asked for a nominee’s detail। When you book a ticket, your (Mobile Number ) or ( Email ID ) comes from a message insurance company। In this you have to fill the details of the nominee ( Nominee Details )। Do not ignite it in any way। In the circumstances of a rail accident, the nominee you enter receives an amount of insurance claim ( Insurance Claim).

How to claim

In the event of a train accident, the person, nominee or his successor can claim the amount of insurance। You must claim this insurance within 4 months of the train accident। For this he will have to contact the insurance company (Insurance Claim)। Here the insurance company will also have to give complete information। Along with this, documents like ( Aadhaar Card ), ( PAN Card ) etc. will also be required.

IRCTC agreement is from these three companies

IRCTC, a wholly owned undertaking of the Ministry of Railways, has entered into an agreement with the three insurance companies through Limited Tender, in Shriram General Insurance Company Limited, Includes ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, and Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited.

Railway Accident insurance

Railway accident insurance refers to an insurance policy that provides coverage and financial compensation in the event of accidents occurring during railway travel. This type of insurance is designed to protect individuals against injuries, disabilities, or fatalities resulting from accidents that take place on trains or at railway stations.

Railway accident insurance policies typically cover a range of scenarios, including derailments, collisions, falls on railway platforms, and other accidents that occur during train travel. The coverage may include compensation for medical expenses, disability benefits, accidental death benefits, and other related costs.

It’s important to note that the availability, terms, and coverage of railway accident insurance can vary depending on the insurance provider, policy type, and jurisdiction. Some insurance companies offer standalone railway accident insurance policies, while others may include such coverage as part of a broader travel insurance plan.

If you are specifically interested in obtaining railway accident insurance, I recommend reaching out to insurance providers or brokers in your area. They can provide you with detailed information about the coverage options available, the premiums involved, and any specific terms and conditions associated with the policy.

  1. Medical expenses: This coverage provides reimbursement for medical treatment and hospitalization expenses resulting from injuries sustained in a railway accident. It may cover costs such as hospital fees, doctor’s fees, surgical expenses, medication, and rehabilitation expenses.
  2. Disability benefits: In the event of permanent disability caused by a railway accident, insurance policies may offer disability benefits. The benefits can be in the form of a lump sum payment or periodic payments, depending on the severity of the disability and the terms of the policy.
  3. Accidental death benefits: If a railway accident leads to the death of the insured individual, the policy may provide a lump sum payment to the designated beneficiary or the insured person’s legal heirs. This compensation can help cover funeral expenses, outstanding debts, and provide financial support to the deceased’s family.
  4. Loss of limb or sight: Railway accident insurance may offer specific benefits in case of the loss of a limb or sight due to the accident. These benefits are usually provided as a lump sum payment to the insured individual to assist with rehabilitation and adapting to the new circumstances.
  5. Temporary disability benefits: In case of temporary disability resulting from a railway accident, insurance policies may provide compensation for the loss of income during the recovery period. These benefits typically cover a portion of the insured person’s regular income for a specified duration.



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