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Why did salman khan do this with famous youtubers

How can Salman Khan, who is called Bhai jaan of Bollywood, commit such a big mistake inside Bigg Boss?

Within the Bigg Boss show, a few days ago, Elvish Yadav came on a famous YouTube, who runs a comedy channel on YouTube, and he has a lot of fans on YouTube, but a few days ago, Elvis Yadav came on Bigg Boss. I had stepped in but a big joke happened with him and this joke was done by none other than Bollywood’s Bhai Jaan Salman Khan. Due to which the fans of Elvis Yadav trolled him a lot due to this behavior of Salman Khan.

Salman Khan and Elvis Yadav. Image Source: Jio cinema

Elvis Yadav is a simple YouTuber who puts very good content on YouTube, due to which there are a lot of people who want him and there are also a lot of people who walk with him. Looking at Elvis Yadav, a lot of people like his comedy videos and at the same time people support his every support together.

Elvis Yadav is living in a simple family and he is from a Hindu family, but a few days back inside Bigg Boss, Salman Khan made a video call to Elvis Yadav’s mother. She was taking her son’s name, seeing which a son’s love for his mother awakened and Elvish Yadav started crying on the same video call, due to which all his supporters understood that Salman Khan was making fun of him.

But we should think that every coin has two sides, in the same way, Salman Khan only talked to Elvis Yadav’s mother, it does not mean that he wants to humiliate Elvis. Who knows, Salman Khan wants that Elvis Yadav is inside Bigg Boss for so many days, then he should be talked to his mother, I do not understand Salman Khan wrong.

Perhaps you would not know that Salman Khan is a Bollywood hero who spends 90% of his earnings to help poor children and the needy, but still you feel wrong about Salman Khan. so you can tell us all

Elvis Yadav. Image Source: Jio cinema


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